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The Innerleithen War Memorial is situated in a memorial garden in front of the old Burgh Chambers, on Leithen Road, (the B709, which goes to Heriot). The memorial garden is unique in the fact that it is contoured to resemble the Leithen Valley and the surrounding hills.

Innerleithen War Memorial in Memorial Garden



Innerleithen War Memorial


poppy.gif (7215 bytes) First World War Inscriptions poppy.gif (7215 bytes)
1914 - 1919


Innerleithen First World War Plaque


Innerleithen First World War Names 1

Capt I.A.G. Ferguson 13th R.S.
Capt R.M.B. Welsh 7th B.R.
Lt D.M.G. Ferguson 2nd K.O.S.B.
Lt G.F.E.Boyd 10th S.N.
2nd Lt J. Grierson K.L.R.
2nd Lt H.H. Young 7th S.H.
C.S.M. Andw. Donerty 2nd H.I.J.
Sgt William Bell 8th R.S.
Sgt Wm. Cleghorn 8th R.S.
Sgt John W. McGlasson 9th R.S.
Sgt Jas. Redpath 58th C.E.F.
Sgt Geo. Turnbull 14th A.E.F.
A/LSgt E. Oliver 8th R.S.
Cpl William Aitken R.E.
Cpl Robert Hall R.A.S.C.
Cpl J.W. Richardson 8th R.S.
Cpl Geo. Somerville 7th S.N.
Cpl Jas Thomson 2nd K.O.S.B.
L.Cpl Jas Turnbull 8th R.S.
Tpr Jas Anderson L.Y.
Gnr John A. McLennan R.G.A.
Gnr Thos. Reid R.G.A.
Gnr John Sibbald R.F.A.
Sapr Thos. Birnie R.E.


Innerleithen First World War Names 2

Sapr Geo. Blake R.E.
Sapr R.W. Richardson R.E.
Sapr Thos. Scott R.E.
Pte Jas. Aitchison C.E.F.
Pte Jas. Burnet 8th R.S.
Pte Arthur Campbell 8th R.S.
Pte Jas. Carrie R.A.S.C.
Pte Geo. B. Clark S.R.
Pte Walter Clark 9th G.H.
Pte Jas. Collier 17th R.S.
Pte Geo. Dargie 8th R.S.
Pte Geo. Douglas 2nd A. & S.H.
Pte Robt. Duffy 10th G.H.
Pte Wm. Eckford 1st H.L.I.
Pte John T. Ellis 9th R.S.
Pte Thos. Gardiner 8th R.S.
Pte Francis Green 5th G.H.
Pte John Henderson 8th R.S.
Pte Geo. Henderson A.E.F.
Pte William Hope 1st H.L.I.
Pte John Hume 11th R.H.
Pte Robt. Hume 9th R.S.
Pte Thos. Hume 2nd R.S.
Pte Melvin Husband 9th R.H.


Innerleithen First World War Names 3

Pte Alexr. Kelly 9th R.S.
Pte Geo. Kerr 9th R.H.
Pte Robt. D. Lawton 9th R.S.
Pte W. Lennie S.A.E.F.
Pte John Maguire 1st C.H.
Pte Harry Mirtle 12th R.S.
Pte Wm. McIntosh 49th C.E.F.
Pte Chas. McLauchlan 11th R.S.
Pte Thos. J. Murdie 8th R.S.
Pte Robt. Overend A.E.F.
Pte Joshua Pringle R.A.S.C.
Pte Geo. Ramsay A.E.F.
Pte Malcolm Riddell 7th R.F.
Pte John Ritchie 5th R.S.
Pte Geo Robson 12th R.S.
Pte Thos. Shiel 1st S.R.
Pte Archd. Smith 1st A.&.S.H.
Pte Geo. L. Smart 13th R.S.
Pte Wm. Smart 2nd Scots Gds.
Pte Wm. Somerville 2nd R.H.
Pte Wm. Tennant 2nd K.O.S.B.
Pte Wm. H. Walker 13th R.S.
Pte John Watson 9th R.S.
Pte Wm. Williamson 1st K.O.S.B.


poppy.gif (7215 bytes) Second World War Inscriptions poppy.gif (7215 bytes)
1939 - 1945



Innerleithen Second World War Plaque


Innerleithen Second World War Names 1

Gdsmn David Anderson S.G.
Pte Geo. O. Anderson A.&.S.H.
O.S. William Craig R.N.
Pte Crawford Dick K.O.S.B.
Pte Arthur Duffy R.S.
Sgt James Doherty R.A.
C.F.N. Wm. R. Eckford R.E.M.E.
Sgt John D. Goskirk R.A.F.
Pte Roy Kerr R.S.


Innerleithen Second World War Names 2

Rev Alistair McLeman C.F.
Cdt John Melrose O.T.U.
F/Lt William Moffat R.A.F.
Capt John Maul M.N.
A/C R.E. Montgomery R.A.F.V.R.
C.S.twd Fred. Merrey M.N.
F/O. James Naylor R.A.F.
A.B. Thomas Naylor R.N.
Sgt William Pearce R.A.F.


Innerleithen Second World War Names 3

Gnr Douglas Pringle R.A.
Pte John Purslow R.S.
Sgt James Russell R.A.F.
Lt John Rennie R.A.
Pte William Temple R.S.
L.Cpl Andrew Thomson R.S.
Pte Harry Watson R.S.
Sgt Robert Wilkin R.A.F.
L/RO A. Williamson M.N.


Innerleithen Second World War Names 3

Pte Malvern Nixon R.S.