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The Greenlaw War Memorial is situated in front of the imposing Greenlaw Town Hall. This was built in 1829, and is on the main A697, just east of the junction with the A6105.

Greenlaw War Memorial in front of the Town Hall

Greenlaw War Memorial


poppy.gif (7215 bytes) First World War Inscriptions poppy.gif (7215 bytes)
1914 - 1919


Greenlaw First War Names 1

Thomas Alder K.O.S.B.
John Anderson R.D.F.
Adam Anderson K.O.S.B.
Robert Baxter K.O.S.B.
John Buckham K.O.S.B.
William Cockburn R.H.
James Cockburn K.O.S.B.
Robert Clapham K.O.S.B.
Matthew Clapham K.O.S.B.
William D. Clark S.R.
John Douglas D.C.M. K.O.S.B.


Greenlaw First World War Names 2

Robert Douglas K.O.S.B.
James Darling Cand.
William Henry K.O.S.B.
Robert Happer Cand.
William Hall S.R.
Thomas Mather H.L.I.
John Mallen S.G.
Alexander Murray K.O.S.B.
William Moffat K.O.S.B.
Fred Routledge S.H.
William Redpath R.S.


Greenlaw First World War Names 3

Robert Robertson K.O.S.B.
James Speedy R.H.
Daniel Stuart R.S.
George Somerville R.N.
William Scott K.O.S.B.
George C. Scott H.L.I.
Albert Trotter A & S.H.
Robert P. Thomson R.B.
Robert Walker K.O.S.B.
Robert Whitehead K.O.S.B.
George Wright R.H.




poppy.gif (7215 bytes) Second World War Inscriptions poppy.gif (7215 bytes)
1939 - 1945


Greenlaw Second World War Names

1939 - 1945
Adam G. Balmer M.N.
Andrew Burns H.G.
George Richardson F.A.A.
William Trotter R.A.F.